JSMUAANA Merit Program

Dear JSMUians,

As in the beginning of the year I mentioned in my message that this year I have formed JSMUAANA MERIT Committee, this committee right away started to work, and have now made following recommendations, which I fully endorse.

We are starting JSMUAANA Merit program, under which we are requesting our members here in USA to submit their information if they are interested in helping JSMU graduates. There are various ways you can be helpful to JSMU medical students and fresh graduates, these are

1. Giving a lecture of your interest and speciality at JSMU when you are visiting Karachi
2. Holding a clinical or research workshop at JSMU when you are visiting Karachi
3. If you are willing to accommodate JSMU medical student for a clinical elective in your office, or hospital where you have privileges.
4. If you are willing to provide accommodation to a JSMU medical student
5. If you are willing to provide any financial help to a JSMU medical students
6. Or any other way you can contribute, please explain.

At JSMU we are also trying to form a “Liaison” committee. This committee will work as a bridge between JSMU medical students and JSMU Merit committee, and will facilitate all the help these students need here in US for their electives, rotations, accommodation, residency etc.

Please fill out the following information if you are interested in helping MERIT PROGRAM

We will contact you once we have any application which matches your profile. I hope this help establish a base from where we can work. Feel free to suggest any improvement or otherwise. Your help and support is greatly appreciated.

President JSMUAANA 2014
Dr. M. Yaseen Abubaker

JSUMAANA Merit Committee
Dr. Rizwan Naeem
Dr. Syed Hasan Abid
Dr. Shahid Manzoor
Dr. Naghmana Shafi